[soft reject] live demo



Hi , i’ve got a Soft reject because of the live demo… i checked it out it was working and i added the ‘http//’ before it …i think that because i use a free hosting … is there any solution for this probleme …?


hi there:
your can use free hosting but more show open website but it’s better you can buy a hosting for fast open website regards.


thanks i used github … i think free hosting have a lot of problemes they probably doesn’t work in some countries…


your need a hosting for preview all country, if you bad hosting for used rejected , it’s I think but not I am sure.

p.d: sorry my bad english becuase I not speak english, only spanish :slight_smile:


thanks @JeriTeam i’ll take that into considiration :blush:
it’s okay you will improve your english… i’m not native english speaker too :wink: if you are from spain we are neighbors… :grinning: