Reviewer cannot see my live preview

I have uploaded an item in Themeforest but it was soft rejected due to the live demo not working there as per the cause of rejection but when I am running the url in browser it is running without any problem. I cannot understand why reviewer cannot see the demo the message send by theme forest is given below
LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE: A full review cannot be performed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit.
My demo url is
Can any one give me any idea why it is happening.
Plese help me

Don’t work for us either (UK based)

Could it be hosting downtime? Regional restrictions?

Works fine here, UK based as well. A hosting downtime probably.

Odd - it’s fine on laptop but won’t load on iphone or ipad - maybe IOS issue?

It’s the “www”. Remove it

Perhaps I understand the reason that crome and many other browser does not support .website domain. I am not sure but I think so as I test the same domain in firefox it is running there but not in crome

All domains work on every browser in the history of browsers, so don’t worry about that. Instead, this is a DNS issue.

A quick record lookup reveals that your DNS server is configured for:

  • -> (the server’s IP - working)
  • -> CNAME -> points to

However, when I try to connect to I’m sometimes getting pointed to (a UK IP address) and other times to (the correct IP address).

Are you sure you configured your nameservers properly? I see 4 nameservers, but HostGator normally only gives you 2:


Check with HostGator Support to see if your nameservers are configured properly. In the meantime easiest solution is to remove the www. part from your URL and it will work for everyone.

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I have changed the dns and also changed the url to see the demo from to but the review result is same and I got another soft rejection due to the same reason I am really frasted now with this issue this was my 4th try and and still rejectd due to the not NOT ACCESSIBLE DEMO. I am really feel helpless

I looked into this more for you. It turns out that the following nameservers were in fact broken:

I see that you removed them, and now I have no issues connecting to your website. I can connect successfully from my home and mobile internet, and I tested a few different DNS services too. All working fine.

Please set the demo URL back to and mention in the reviewer comments that you’ve found the problem and fixed the demo.

I’m not sure why they would have the same rejection comment when you changed the URL to because this was always working. Maybe there was a huge coincidence and the server went down for a few minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

But try submitting it once more, since DNS can take a while to update sometimes, and if you get rejected again for this reason you may want to get in touch with support at They should be able to get more information from the reviewer for you to help find out what’s wrong.

thank you very much baileyherbert I will submit it once more now

When I was paste my url in the relavent url place in help center it says the url is invalid and I cannot post the request until I was not remove that url. Why can any one give me any idea?

Leave that field blank and put the URL in the message instead.

Yes I have do the same :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply u r really a helpful friend

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