My item live demo url showing error ..


I have upload an item on my server .It is showing online but when I submit this item on themeforest ,It is showing page not found from the theme forest perview system .I don’t no what is happening .I put the correct url but themeforst team said that they are not able to see the page .Is there any fault of me or is is theme forest preview system error …Please help me .,…

Thank you


Hi @codingtheme,

Could you try to post your live preview here? Maybe your preview is not visible for anyone else for some reason.

You may also check some insight provided by @baileyherbert in following thread:


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Thank you Sir,
The theme forest told me the same problem .I mean the DNS problem .Is there any way to solve this sir,Can I solve this DNS problem If i go to my cpanel ,??

Thank you sir,


I’m afraid I can’t tell you any more details, you are the only one having access to domain settings. You could also try to contact your domain registrar and see if they can provide any help :slight_smile:


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OK sir,
Thank you for your help sir,