Social network rejected without much details

Hello guys i have created a social can check ouf here -
Please tell me whethsr item is out of standards - team comments said PSR STANDARDS.ERROR REPORTING.THIRDPARTY SOFTWARES.Double check for securty XSS etc.
What i think id whethere any one these is the real reason ? Please help me guys
1.I added two themes one is with minified scripts and minified css
2.i added some empty database columns which are not used at all .i added them for future use. is fully ajax controlled . Please help me ,its my first upload and i really worked a lot to make it
4. Config file is located in subdirectories
5.JS is using complicated functions
6.i used w3.css but added some of my styles and repleaced add “w3-” occurences with “brz-” means changed framework