Soft rejected then Hard rejected ?

Hey guys… i am very very disapponited from quality team and i don’t know why exactly they rejected my item.They first soft-rejected it and said

“Can you tell me the difference between this and the regular version of Breeze?”

When i later told them all the difference they hard rejected it and said

"Consider using at least a minimal framework to structure the application better. Right now, it’s a mix of HTML, PHP and SQL."

Please help me what should i do ?? My item is a Pro version of Breeze Social Network all the functions are just same but improved.Here are the main things which i thought may be the cause -

  1. There are 122 images in single directory

  2. There are some duplicate images in two directories

  3. There are files in long sub directories like d1\d2\d3\d4\files.php while in Breeze regular there are only d1\d2\d3\files.php (means one more sub directory)

Demo login :

  • Username : livedemo
  • Password : demoversion

Please help me i was so disappointed to see my work of months getting waste and all o you guys know how bad it actually feels please help me !!!