Social Media Analytics

Hello Authors,

i want to reach out to the authors who are building SEO and Social Media Tools.

I am reaching out because i have been looking for something very important and i cant see anyone producing it here.

Now here is the point;

Most social media marketer who are employed have to present detailed social reports such the ones in Sprout Social or Buffer.
If you work independent and have brands that you offer social media marketing, you sill have to present detailed PDF reports at the end of every month.

None of the tool here have this kind of feature, if your tools have analytics, it’ the very basic a analytics that i can’t even submit to a client.

I can guarantee you that most professionals would need this and your sales would be great if your tools have great and very detailed analytics which can be downloadable and printed.

I wish i knew coding i would be the first to do it.
I am just speaking from a Professional Social Media Marketer point.

Thank you and i hope you all do something.

While I completely agree with why this wuld be a great addition - I don’t think it’s a likely solution to a stock file.

  • It would require a huge number of sales to warrant the developer working that out (it requires a lot of different data management) to go beyond the basic stats. Those examples are million $ websites and a subscription model - not a ne off $50 charge

  • The more advanced metrics require partner access which FB/IG etc. do not hand out easily

  • Managing that type of data/reporting through a central platform (like sprout or Buffer) is very different from allowing users to do it from their own installation (i.e. multiple versions)