User Profile Social Media Analytics/Follower Counts


I’m currently building a social media influencer marketplace. This is essentially a business/social networking site in which creators/influencers can connect with businesses and vice versa. All users have individual profiles and I’m trying to figure out a way for each user profile of show their social media followings numbers, i.e. youtube subscriber count, instagram followers, etc.

I’ve found a couple of plugins that did it, but it wasn’t able to show numbers for multiple user profiles, just mine (as the admin/participant).

Anyone know how to do this?

BTW, I’m using Youzer plug in with Customizr theme


Do you really think that you can solve any situation just with plugins without any custom code?

Obviously im not sure which is why Im asking. if you’re not going to provide any helpful information then keep your commentary to yourself

That is help. You can’t build custom made site with just plugins. You need to write and custom code for that what you want.
If you want to earn money you need to invest money.

Yes I’m fully aware of that. You can always write custom codes on PLUGINS. Again, not helpful. go away