SEO Dashboard + Optimizer

Hello all!

I did some searching on the marketplace + forums and wasn’t able to find anything that I was looking for.

I’m wanting a self-hosted or one-time payment scenario for a dashboard that analyzes sites regarding their speed + SEO. The main focus is SEO. Stuff like (broken links, inbound links, etc).

Here’s a service I was using on trial that I liked (but not necessarily the pricing):

I’d like the ability to enter websites and get metrics from Google Analytics, AdWords (preferred, not required), Webmaster Console, etc.

Am I making sense yet?? haha.

Appreciate any insight!

Hey Aaron,

I actually have a platform like that, that is still in beta to be honest.
My pricing will be a lot lower from that ( and you can also manage your WordPress site access + backups etc ).
I would love to share access for some testing, if you want. PM me and I will do so.

Hi! @KanonidisBasilis

Thanks for the reply!

I’m definitely interested! Will PM you shortly.

Spoke too soon! Not sure how to PM on this site?
Clicked on your bio to no avail.

Anyone find anything like this?

Click on this: @KanonidisBasilis and click Message at top right of the box that pops up.

Thanks! Not necessarily interested in having it developed right now - want to purchase a script and if it goes how I plan, then I’ll eventually have a custom script developed.

Hi Aaron,
Sorry to jump on this but did you ever got the script you are looking for? I am interested in this too. Would you please share if you gotten more information on this?

I did not find what I was looking for, unfortunately. Plugin / script devs, pay attention!