Social Fans Facebook page and Google+

I’ve followed the instructions for Facebook page and google+ social counter, yet they show up zero.
The actual numbers are small, just 209 for FB and 153 for G+.
Is there somewhere else I can go for more help to get these counters working as they are supposed to?

You should speak to the author but you have no buyer badge on this account and will need to login using the account which purchased the file to get support

Thanks, it seems I did not create an account when I purchased, for the email to download the product has a create account prompt.
Do you have any other tips for me to contact the author?
I’ve read the ‘contact author’ part of the envato instructions and still find it confusing.

If you bought the item as a guest then you need to create an account to access support/purchase codes etc. Info here.

Then look above the item preview image on the item page and use the support tab to find the best way to contact the author

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Just wanted to find out if the Facebook count is now working cause I have been trying to get mine to work. Even though they connect it does not count.