So... i made my first free NI Kontakt instrument!


I made a simple NI Kontakt Library with my little son’s toy, also including his babbles.
Here is the demo:

It’s free, you can download it here:


I made another one library for NI Kontakt.
This is the demo:

You can also download it for free here:

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Really beautiful tools to make next “Childish Hit” :grinning:. It is an amazing cute colorful design and a joyful sound. Thank you for sharing your works!

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Beautiful sound!! Really really thank you for making this library for free! Kudos to you!

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Wonderful - many thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback guys, i’m really appreciate that.
Recently i also released Cassette Kalimba Library:

I also made a free lite version and you can download it here:


Way to go! Great geaphic design as well.

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Great, thanks! :relaxed:

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They are so cool!

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I am facing problems downloading them from Dropbox. Not sure why…

Oh! It was dropbox nvm :slight_smile: