I have created second Kontakt library!

Hi guys. I want to share with you my another Kontakt library - Noizzz: playable noise & asmr

First library Shhh… Breath, Whisper & Voice was a big success so… Check this one too. It is a library full of loopable textures and playable instruments made of asmr, hum, buzz, hiss, static noise etc.

Recorded sources: hair dryer, drawing pencil, ribbon, hemp rope, bottles, electric fan, sponge, bobble wrap, guitar amp, paper, toothbrush, soldering iron, deadcat, fabric, paper sheet, carton box, metal pipe, chair, stand, sticky tape, various devices buzz, hum and static noise recorded via cable, tarp, stretch, wicker coaster and many other.

If you’re interested, write me PM and I can give you a nice discount coupon :wink:



very interesting man!