Slow New Year Sales. Is it Normal?


Is it normal on the first week of New Year to have a slow sales?


I guess people are still heading back to work, so it can take a little while for sales to pick back up again. And for the ‘one man band’ type of operations… money might be a bit tight after Christmas and New Year. How were your sales this time last year?


For a hobby, i made 619 sales last year. My first full year in Envato.


I had a sudden spike in sales once 2017 started.

And @SpaceStockFootage meant to look at how your sales were in the first week of January 2016, to compare.




They are almost died on my side :confused:


My sales are back to normal. Hooray!


Yes, it’s a normal. The strangest thing is that today I have 7 visits with 2 sales. It was never happened before :smiley: