Should theme run without installing (absolutely) Required Plugin ?

Hello ! I am currently developing a theme using Unyson Framework. It’s almost done, but i just noticed that theme simply doesn’t run without installing Unyson Plugin. This happens because all the options are created and saved via framework, so it’s absolutely required to install Unyson in order to be able to use theme.
What does Envato says about required plugins ? Should the theme run without installing them ? (Like simply displaying posts)
Or if it’s required,then it’s required ?

Personally I would ditch Unyson (if possible) and try to use the Customizer, it’s native to WordPress and it’s what users of WordPress are being pushed to use. The Customizer takes some getting used too as a developer but it’s extremely flexible to do almost what you want.


It’s not really possbile to avoid using it, because there are a lot, of options that will just not fit into customizer.
So, as I understand, the theme must run without installing plugin ?

Wondering how did you sort this up.

I’m in the same situation (my theme relies on ACF pro plugin and, for example, posts won’t work without the plugin being active)

I was using Unyson only for theme options and page builder. So, if plugin is not active, page builder will simply not work. For theme options i’ve created a huge fallback array, and when i’m trying to read a theme option and the plugin isn’t active, i simply get the value from fallback.
Why yoour posts won’t work without the plugin ?
p.s. I’ve learned my lesson. Building my next theme with a hand-made custom fields / theme options framework, it’s really simple, and well-optimized. I recommend everyone going this way and avoid using frameworks, because they are usually overloaded, and slow.

After some time i’ve come to your words, friend. Using customizer now, It’s good.

Would be easier to use “Front end” editor I think