Hesitant towards using Unyson Framework due to a doubt, need some guidance.


I’m working on a WordPress theme and I’m on the stage of deciding between Unyson Framework and Visual Composer. I want to use Unyson because I’m very familiar with it but here is my issue: Unyson framework doesn’t display the shorcodes when a user switches to the Default editor while Visual Composer does.

So in Unyson, if a user creates some content using the “Visual Page Builder” and for whatever reasons wants to switch to the “Default Editor”, he/she will see a blank editor.

I just want to know if this could be a problem or has it ever been a problem for the Theme authors here that have used Unyson Framework in their WordPress themes.

Also, I should mention that I’m creating a pretty complex WooCommerce theme that will have many customization options. I just need to know if the above wont create any issues down the line that I can’t anticipate now.

Please let me know about this and thanks a lot!

Anyone? Bump!

@ThemeFuse may help you.


Unyson doesn’t save PageBuilder elements in post content, that’s why you get an empty editor when you switch to Default Editor. No developers have complained about this behavior. Note that we have the WordPress Shortcodes extensions that allow you to add Unyson shortcodes in Default Editor in a visual way,

Regarding many customization options, there are around 100 themes currently selling on ThemeForest that are built on the Unyson framework and some of them have a lot of options, like our The Core theme or Woffice. They work just fine.

Hope this helps.

All the best.


Thanks a lot for replying with such detail.

I had already continued developing with Unyson but this issue was still at the back of my mind. I’m glad all such doubts are now settled. I’m really enjoying working with it and am extremely grateful to you guys for creating and maintaining such a great plugin.

Thanks again and regards.

I can vouch that it’s not a problem, my latest theme uses Unyson and has 60+ sales with a 5 star rating, I’ve never had any complaints from customers. Take the plunge, you’ll not regret it :slight_smile:

I’m currently designing a new theme which will also be built on Unyson.

The guy who authored WordPress Shortcodes extension here.

Yeah, it works pretty nice and it got much better recently.

Good luck!

Woffice’s authors here ! Unyson is THE framework to use, if you compare it to any other framework it has all the advantages of those frameworks. But it has something more, Extensions ! Letting you create whatever unique feature you’d build for your theme and your customers will just love it because you can create complete settings page in a minute as well as disable those features in ONE click. Unyson repository on Github is also really active which help a lot. Plus, if you’re a beginner in WP themes, all is very very well documented. That’ll also help your tech customers who want to go one step ahead.


Haintheme’s author here. I use Unyson for almost of my themes and I have no customer complain about this problem.

SwLabs author’s here, I haven’t got any approved Unyson though :slight_smile: but we’re working on it for a month and seems promising, we decided to switch to it and submit some themes developed based on Unyson this month. However it seems we have some problem with its data import/export feature, one of our developer is working on improving it.

I’m looking for someone to collaborate with me in building a theme using the Unyson framework. Anybody? please send me a PM so we can discuss. Cheers.