Help with Soft Reject on a Plugin dependent WP theme

I’m hoping that someone with a little more experience can help me out.

I’ve submitted a WP theme that is getting Soft Rejected because the theme depends on a plugin to work (custom field suite). I’ve made the plugin install mandatory via TGM Plugin Activation but the reviewer won’t install the plugin and says that the theme must work without plugins.
Any way I can get around this?


The default WP stuffs, like Pages, Posts, Blog (latest posts - index.php) must work without plugin.
So, you can have some more features for example on Posts (single.php) page after you install the plugin, but the default one, like Featured image, tags, category, post date, post title, navigation between posts… must work without plugin.

For example, usually on Post (single.php) I have custom field to add the content above the post title (slider or video or some iframe or image) but this layout can not be done without plugin and that is ok.

On other side, I usually set featured image to be placed bellow the page title, and this must work no matter if the plugin is active or not - because the feature image is the "default’ function in WP.

So, again, the point is to have all default WP functions there without plugin.

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Thank you for your reply!

I’ve added a check (using the WP function is_plugin_active()) in order to check if the plugin is active. If it is, it shows the extra content; if it isn’t, it moves on.
Let’s hope this does the trick.