Fatal error: Call to undefined function (Themeforest Wordpress Item) Unyson Framework

I got a soft-reject for this issue: http://envato.d.pr/5wYq/36MZbsGe
actually, it’s come because I use Unyson framework By @niclnn and unyson plugin is not active yet.
I told the reviewer you should active this plugin because it’s required some functions which come from Unyson plugin.
then I re-submit the theme again and they said "Themes are required to function without the use of outside plugins. Please resolve. "
Now my question is how should I fix this issue. even I have downloaded a theme from TF.That theme also used Unyson framework and that theme still has this issue and the issue will be gone when I active the plugin.
I also try to add this plugin into my theme folder by following this article http://manual.unyson.io/en/latest/index.html#content (Install anywhere)
but then it will raise many errors on theme check http://prnt.sc/e5rutt
Please help me if anyone know the solution.

We think Envato still has some work in front in streamlining the review process. In our experience with them is like a Russian roulette: you get a different reviewer every time you resubmit the changes. They all ask different things depending on how they feel like it that particular time. Some things contradict what other reviewer said 2 emails back and so on.

The only thing to do is keep at it and resubmit. Most likely you’ll get another review that will understand that Unyson is a plugin they already vetted and included in their plugin list (we did this together 1 year back, we and them).

There are over 150 Unyson themes currently on Envato so they get accepted. You’ll need to keep at it and eventually you’ll get it online.

Hope this helps.

Just bypass adding conditional statement. I have all themes built on Unyson builder.I have done this way.
Best of luck.

if ( defined('FW') ) {
   //Check if unyson is active

	$bg_image = fw_get_db_post_option($post->ID, 'bg_image', '');

	$bg_color = fw_get_db_post_option($post->ID, 'bg_color', '');
	// More unyson related functions

   //let's use variable value now
  <div class="bla"><?php echo $bg_image;?></div>

Yes, it’s a good idea. even I was thought about it too :slight_smile: but then I also need to use else{} statement for this error http://prntscr.com/e60fm6 :smiley: