Should I better create a new profile?

Hi there, authors! I created an AudioJungle profile about 6 month ago and uploaded the first item which even got sold once. However I didn’t have much time to develop my profile and haven’t been uploading after that. I’m planning to take things seriously soon and I’m wondering if I should create a new profile instead of an abandoned old one? Is there any algorithms on Envato that will bring my account to the bottom of the rating taking into account my uploading rates or this is never late to start maintaining consistency? Thanks!

When you say a “new profile”, do you mean a new account?
Right now Envato doesnt accept new authors.


Hello @turboash

To add some context to @Manriquedelara 's reply, here are some useful links that may help you out.

Please take into consideration this thread while taking the decision → Upcoming change to new author applications for AudioJungle

Also please note that you are not allowed to have more than two accounts: one exclusive and one non-exclusive.

In my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong in continuing with your old profile. Regarding the upload rates, you can read more about this subject here → Music Submission Limits Update


No, start uploading with the old one, and change whatever you don’t like about your profile.

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Wow, guys thank you so much for your replies, I’ve got all the answers I was looking for. I’ll definitely keep developing my already existing account now!


Good luck!:crossed_fingers::grin:

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