Selling Personal Listening Music Off-Site as an Exclusive AudioJungle Author

We are delighted to announce that we are now allowing exclusive authors to sell personal listening music versions of their exclusive AudioJungle music, for personal listening purposes only, via iTunes® (and other similar personal-use platforms), on an opt-in basis. While this policy has always been in place for non-exclusive authors, we are now providing both clarity and permission for our exclusive authors to take advantage of this opportunity as well.

Projects on the Horizon

While we appreciate there are still some larger and more eagerly awaited announcements our AudioJungle community members are anticipating, such as improved faceted search, and improvements to our licensing models (two projects we can confirm are in progress and on our horizon!), we genuinely hope this new, additional opportunity is something that brings greater prosperity and freedom here, for our exclusive AudioJungle authors and the community at large.

Personal Listening Music

Since our trial of TRAX ended we’ve had several exclusive authors share feedback with us that they’d love a way to be able to sell personal listening music versions of their music without either moving it over to a non-exclusive account or removing it entirely from AudioJungle. Today we are making that happen!

Exclusive AudioJungle authors are now permitted to sell personal listening music versions of their music to listeners around the world, off-site, for personal listening and enjoyment. Not only is this another great opportunity to promote your music and make extra income, but you may redirect potential customers wanting to officially license your music back to AudioJungle!

Feedback & Questions Welcome

We hope this clarification and opportunity is useful and an exciting opportunity for our many exclusive authors on AudioJungle! Please see our Knowledgebase article for full details and a set of useful FAQs. Meanwhile, if you have any questions we may not have covered, we’d be glad to help answer them right here in the forums. We also welcome feedback and would be delighted to consider any further personal listening music suggestions to help refine our approach for the benefit of the entire AudioJungle community.

That’s great! Great to see Envato’s moving forward. Knowing that the licensing model improvements are coming is even more exciting.

Great news :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Scott :slight_smile:

This is just great!!!

An enormous congratulations to Envato and to the people who have worked hard to make this possible. This is one of the greatest advances in a very long time and will be an amazing cross promotional tool to have at our disposal. This creates a whole new level of great exposure possibilities for both authors and AudioJungle!

This goes to show us once more that while some changes don’t happen as quickly as we’d like them to, AudioJungle has been consistent in improving the marketplace for its authors and buyers over the years - and I am confident that this trend will continue.

So thanks Envato for making this the best marketplace of its kind in the world, and I’m very excited to hear about the other developments Scott alluded to!

Thanks for the info!)

Totally agree, Tim! This is such a great development. Now exclusive AJ authors can have the best of both worlds, connecting with buyers who have licensing needs through AudioJungle as well as casual listeners through iTunes.

Thank you, AudioJungle, for opening the door and allowing your exclusive authors the opportunity to reach a new audience, expand their brands, and increase exposure for AudioJungle.

It keeps getting better :slight_smile:

Thanks Envato, thank you, Scott, for the opportunity to expand the target audience!

Thanks for the update Scott!

Excellent, excellent news all round! Very happy with this development, as I’m sure many others will be too. Right, time to finally get that iTunes account up and running, I’ve been promising myself! :slight_smile:

This are very good news!

Spectacular news :slight_smile:


Thanks Envato! Really great news :slight_smile:

Wow! Great news and a very welcome development. Cheers guys! :slight_smile:

Great news. Thanks!

So who want to give everybody a quick run through of the most efficient and cost effective way to get up on itunes and the best way to attract a few buyers there?

Excellent news! Thanks Envato! :slight_smile:

illuminations said

So who want to give everybody a quick run through of the most efficient and cost effective way to get up on itunes and the best way to attract a few buyers there?

+1 :slight_smile:

Glad to see Envato making a wonderful, very positive change. Thank you very much for taking the time to implement this-- those of us who sell exclusively here are much more willing to stay with this policy in place.

Thank you again!