selling artworks

Hallo, is there a catagory to sell my artworks only as a poster or something? Without text? I spent so much time to create great artworks on the printing catagory but get some rejections too about the typo.

hi my friend, u can choose the graphics category, I think or for sure, in the print design category u have the t-shirt one pls check this out or at the very least this one

Yes i think i will try to sell it on t-shirts. Thnx

For t-shirt category you need illustrations in vector format.

I can draw vector artworks but not as good as my 3D/photoshop artworks.

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I am not sure my draw is good for maybe sell t-shirt also

It’s draw my ipad :slight_smile:

this reminds me off this …

the thing is this is showing how much effort u have left to do to create something really top notch indeed …

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Thank you :slight_smile:

As design something says. It need be vector. But you draw your own content and thats great. You got a long long way to go before it is an acceptable art. So keep on practice. BUT focus on 1 point like drawing or 3D or composition. Keep going on and forget upload or selling on Graphicriver the next years. You don’t have that skills.