Sell my WordPress themes


is it possible to sell bought wordpress theme to another user? I have a number of wordpress themes and a few of these I could sell out.

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Its possible only if you buy its Extended license. If you buy a regular license you can’t sell that.

You can’t re-sell themes you bought from here even with extended license.


You can’t resell theme itself, but I guess you can transfer/sell the license for using a theme in mutual agreement, something like selling an end product to a client. You should contact envato support for official answer though.

Definitely agree that support would need to answer this

I could well be wrong but also thought that the ‘transferring’ of a license to a client has to be based on a modified project and not just the file in its original format?

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For my opinion you can sell this on freelance service

Maybe as part of a client project but you definitely cannot without proper modification

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