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probbably this question was asked a lot in the past but I would like to be sure that I understend everything corectly.

I’m owner of web agency and I would like to buy wordpress theme from, then modify it a lite bit (remove some elements, change colors etc.) and then charge my client for the work that I have done. Is it allowe under regular license? Client will use that website only to promote his bussines, show offers etc. Do I have to take some extra steps to pass the license to my client or I just have to give him the key?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes that is fine as long as:

  1. It’s one websote/client per license/copy

  2. The access to updates/support will only be avalaible to you/the buying account

  3. You do not sell on the tempalte/theme ‘as is’

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Thank you charlie for quick response.

Sure I will buy 1 website per 1 client.

Regarding 3 point (just to make it 100% clear) - if I buy the theme I have to modify it a little bit (colors, elements, maybe animations etc.) then I’am allowed to sell it to my client - am I right?

It’s hard to define point 3 but obviously text/content/images etc should change at least

Sure, thank you charlie for support

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yes you can as like a freelancer but for each of your client you must have to purchase individual license of the theme. You can’t sale your custom work to your client(s) more than the number of your purchased license(s).