Can I customize theme

Hi Guys !

I am new here and would love to buy some themes. Could you please kindly let me know if after purchasing I will be able to customize theme or not as If I go to regular license and “What does support include?” there is an information" Item support does not include: Customizations and installations"


You can customize the file that you buy - you just can’t then resell it here, use it on more than one project/website etc

Thanks for your help. So I am able to do it with any theme which I have
purchased? I will be able to change a graphic and text?

28.07.2016 00:31 “charlie4282” napisał(a):

You can customise themes but if they do have extended licence then you can resell.But better you contact author before you start reselling.Better you start your own theme.We can help you with your theme editing .you can contact me at or Skype me at pradeep.narava


I don’t want reselling just do my Web so should be no problem with
customising it?

28.07.2016 09:06 “brilliancetechsols” napisał(a):

So I should be ok with changing some graphic and text if I dont sell it again etc will be only for my use ?


There are two types of licenses here.

  1. Regular license which allows you to use the theme or plugin which you purchased in only one project (which means only on a single domain). If you want to use that same theme or plugin on a different domain, you need to purchase a regular license again for both. You can customize the look of it or modify the functionality or even extend it to perform exactly the way you want for your business or your client projects. You cannot resell them saying that they are your own plugin or theme.

  2. Extended license is a special kind of license which is a bit confusing. You need this license only when you are going to charge an end user (which means your client) for using your services. For eg: If you are going to run a dating website and going to charge your users on monthly basis for memberships, in that case you will need extended license of the theme or plugin which you decide to use on your dating site.

Hope that helps. And good luck!

Once you purchase an item (theme/plugin/script), you can make any changes you want to it for your personal use; but based on the type of purchased license, you can’t resell it.

Also, the author is not required to assist you with any customizations and if your customizations “break” or “adversely” impact the item, the author is also not required to help you fix it afterwards, as you were the one who broke it. Authors are only required to provide support if the item you purchased is used in the same original scope as it was sold to you.

So, if you are willing and able to accept those limitations, nobody can stop you to make whatever changes you want to make. :slight_smile: