Searching for Music reveals bias against great works that are over a month old.

I’m both a music creator and a music user of Audiojungle, but my use of the site as a customer has lead me to become disillusioned with it as a vendor, this is due to flaws in the search engine. Sorting by “Best Match” is practically the same as sorting by “Newest items” in that it returns much the same list of tracks but in a different order. You will be lucky to see anything over a month old in this result, making it a redundant search option.

This reveals that if you have a great track that is over a month old and has even achieved decent sales on AJ but didn’t “trend”, it’s life as a product on Audiojungle is all but over. It will not come up in any reasonable search, not Best Selling, Trending, Best Match nor Latest. Surprisingly however, sorting by “Price: low to high” or “Price: high to low”, returns incredibly old tracks.

I always felt quite hopeful that some of my tracks that achieved 10 to 20 sales would continue to pop up randomly in customer searches and would continue to earn for me on the odd occasion, but I am realising that unless they are linked to a best seller or a brand new track, they are most likely lost in the depths of Audiojungle’s servers. This makes adding new tracks to AJ and linking them to old favourites all the more important.

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