Searching for form wich create a pdf file and returns it by mail

Hi there,

I am searching for a module (I would prefer a Wordpress plugin) tha can help me with the following case.

On the frontend of the website I want to have a form wich customer scan fill-in like this:








When submitting the custom field I would like that it would generate al standard letter (word or pdf) wich contains the custom fields and sends it to the customers email adres. It should have a logo to on the letter.

Like this:

Dear <-name->,

I am very happy to tell you I will give you <> in return. I will send the money to accountnumber <-accountnumber->

Kind regards,

<-name-> <-lastname->


Something like that! I have searched budidn’t find anything like this on Codecanyon.

Thank You

Something like this would be pretty unique and probably not available out of the box. My “UCM Pro” item allows for data to be inserted and manually generated into a PDF template which can be emailed, but it’s not possible to automate easily from a web form.

If you don’t need PDF and can get away with just email then you can probably use something like FormStack which can send a custom reply to the user after they have submitted a form. Or maybe use something like MailChimp/ConstantContact and use some sort of welcome email feature to send a message once a signup has been submitted.