html form to pdf form

Anyone got any experience of html forms that on submit populate a pdf form which can be either stored or sent as a pdf?

Let me know your thoughts or ideas I was thinking of an html form generator coded in PHP, that can generate forms with pages for each category (ie an application form) on submit the form populates a pdf form which is then either stored or sent.

The project is for forms I use which are sometimes modified so need to be able to have a simple user interface to edit them, it would also be beneficial if a form can be signed using a mouse or touch screen input as a pen, Ideas and costs please?

I have had a look around and found this article:

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Send me the form sample you’re looking to fill in (via my profile contact form)

I just created something simliar, using for PHP. Here’s a simple example of creating a PDF file. On submit, you could code it to pull the html form data and populate the PDF file.


$pdf = new FPDF();
$pdf->Cell(40,10,'Hello World!');

Hi the forms will be for an application form and possibly for service contracts, I was thinking something similar to how you would complete an insurance quotation online filling out each section then moving to the next page once completing all fields and then filling out next section and so on, then on submit sending the form data to populate a pdf form which can be downloaded or is automatically stored or emailed.

The ability of accepting signatures using mouse or track pad would be good if this can be done.

Will send link over to pdf crivion / plugindistrict

The main thing is user interface in case the forms need to be modified easily