Need tool that generates personalized PDFs for download at time of sale

Hi - I intend to use a Wordpress site to sell reports as digital downloads. Does anyone here know of a solution to what’s below? I use Wordpress and probably will go with Woocommerce and Mailchimp, unless there are alternate suggestions. Thank you! - Steve


  • An unregistered visitor wants to buy a report. Before allowed to purchase, the visitor must register. Registration add this person to a mailing list / database.
  • A registered Free user wants to buy a report. This person does not have paywall access
  • A registered Subscriber user (who does have paywall access) wants to buy a report, which is offered at a lower price
  • A Sponsor wants a report, and for that type of user, there is no charge

What I want to do:

  • When any of these types of user selects a report and goes to fulfillment, I want “something” that will generate a PDF from a source file and embed/render the person’s registered name, company and date of purchase on the top of each page. “Purchased by John Smith of ABC Company on Month, Date, Year”

This customized document would be rendered only after it is paid for, and only after rendering with that identifying information does it become available to “click to download”

It would be nice if this tool or plug-in could also generate a unique code that can be used by only that buyer, to download the report again.

Does anyone here have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks

Is it the front page of the report you want to customise? Not entirely sure I follow your request but look at that can help generate PDF templates and auto fill them.

Setting up repeat download codes should be easier and may be a question of speaking to the developer of any pluign that resolves issue 1 OR so it as a separate process