Looking for a Wordpress User Email and File Management plugin HELP!

Hi Gang,

I am looking for a Wordpress plugin that will help me achieve what I am looking to do which basically goes as follows:

  1. User registers on the site for an account whether free or paid.

  2. User access their own front end account and chooses from a number of forms they can complete.

  3. The form gets submitted and outputs a PDF which is then stored in the users account.

  4. The user can then email that pdf (or multiple) to a person as correspondence.

  5. The outgoing email needs to be uniquely identified in the Subject just like a Support ticket so that replies come back to the same inbox/thread/ticket

Thats about it I think. So pretty simple and I know of a way to get the form to create the PDF but not how to store it so it can be attached to an outgoing message initiated by the user.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your input :slight_smile: