Searching for a song! (another one...)

Please, help me.
I need to buy it here, but the one who uploaded this video does not remember:


It’s pretty challenging to locate a track within the library based only on a video. Unfortunately we don’t have an AudioJungle equivalent of “shazam”, although that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Do you need this exact track, or just something similar to it?

There was. It was called Soundizer. You guys could’ve/should’ve done something with it.

I heard about this! Although it was a little bit before my time at Envato- I believe it was built on the API by an author?

thank you guys, somebody found it in another post:



Oh Matthew, wish you had seen what a beauty Soundizer was! It would have been revolutionary, had Envato done something with it.

Not sure it was an author, but who knows. It probably had something to do with the API, but I wouldn’t know those things.

More importantly it made use of a fingerprinting tool, that allowed buyers to find a track by uploading an unnamed preview or simply by providing a Youtube video link. It worked like magic!

It was also very useful for authors as it would find Videohive items using our music.

And if you’re feeling audacious and a bit visionary-ish, it could also have huge repercussions for our industry with links with ContentID, license management automation, maintaining a clean library free of stolen tracks, Data for PROs,…

But unfortunately, it seems you guys didn’t see anything interesting there.