Looking for a trailer music

Hi everyone, I just bought this template with a music on it, but it doesn’t say what it is ? It’s from audio jungle but I can’t seem to find it. Do you have any idea on how to find that song to be able to buy the rights for the video. Shazam didn’t work !

Audio Link : https://www.videoblocks.com/video/trailer-text-and-video-h_x9zy37zjc0rda6m

Cheers guys

Hmm. @baileyherbert - can your audio-fingerprinting wizardry help here?

Note: I’ll leave the full link in this post for now as it’s needed to help identify the audio. Please be aware that we don’t allow links to competing marketplaces on the Envato Forums though, and so that link will be removed as soon as the mystery audio is found. Good luck in your search!

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Unfortunately I cannot find this at the moment. It is in one of the most populated categories and tempos (cinematic / ~115 bpm) and I’m still working on fingerprinting. Will add it to the to-do list for later!

Hi guys, have you found what it is yet ?

You’re my last chance to find that song :wink:
Counting on you… Cheers !

The author who made the template on VB is a member of Videohive as well. Contact him through his profile and ask him which song it is https://videohive.net/user/ttp999

Thanks a lot for the tip. I’ll contact him there.