looking for specific sound that is from AudioJungle. how can I find it with short sample I have ?

looking for a specific audio, which I have only the beginning of it.
is there any way to find it? something like SHAZAM but for audios from this site…?

I am working on something like this. It is currently fingerprinting all items. If you can upload the audio clip somewhere and post it here, I will check for it in a few days. Or someone may recognize it.

Edit: project postponed for a while…

ohh thank you so much!! Ill upload it somewhere and post it here… its a really really short sample… hope it is possible to find it!

Hi, I hope you could help me too, please!
I have bought an after effects template and the author just named the demo music with “Inspired”. Unfortunately there are thousands of music tranks in audiojungle with the name “Inspred” and the author didn’t replied to me yet. But I need the music as soon as possible. :frowning: The music I am speaking about is from the following template: https://videohive.net/item/the-cube-tv-broadcast-pack/18561563
I would be sooooooo grateful if you could help me find this music.
Thank you so much in advance!!!


It’s a good track I can see why you would want it. Maybe you could message @viorelrosu who made The Cube TV Broadcast Pack?

I hope this helps.

Viorelrosu replied in the meantime, but he also can’t help, unfortunately…

Ahh ok, sorry, I can’t help any further. I hope the community come up with a solution for you soon!

мне кажется (но я могу ошибиться), что я слышал такую музыку у этого автора: https://audiojungle.net/user/musway-studio