Find a song again from badly named preview download file

Hello everyone

My editor downloaded a song from the database for a preview Version of a Video. Now after the client is happy I want to buy the song. Unfortunately the editor named the previewfile wrong and has no collection or download history whatsoever, so I cant find it anymore online.

I tried soundizer but it gave the wrong results. ->

Is there any other way I can search the Audiojungle Library via File comparison, is there something like Shazam/Soundhoud for Stockfootage or any other ideas how I could find it?

Here is the preview file:

Thank you

Here is what you are looking for :slight_smile:
Just searched in tech category and filtered by length :wink:

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Ha, what a great idea, I did not think of that :smile:

Thank you very much! :relaxed:

HI! I have same problem. Can somebody help me? The only I have is the file without original name. I don t know category. I know only length. But there are many files on audiojungle with the same length. Here is the preview file Thanks for any help!

Official support sent me a message with this link . It works! If you have same problem use this.