Searching by artist name

I’ve been trying to search for a track by a particular artist and it is impossible to search by the artist name. When you try it all it does is bring up tracks or stock assets that match the assets name. Time to find another supplier. Any recommendations?

It does give a link to the artist, though it is often hard to spot among the “blah blah blah” search results part.

Thanks Stardiva. But the artist name is “Inspiring Sound” and it does not show any artist name.

Is this the author?

See this box on their profile:

3 username changes
InspiringSound (over 1 year ago)
music_masters (over 3 years ago)
Chakratronic (about 4 years ago)

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In case it’s helpful I found it via:

Wow - thank you so much.
How did you do that ??

No probs. I typed in the address bar and it defaulted to the newly retitled author page.

I was as surprised as you are - I didn’t think I was that clever! :wink: :joy:

You’re a star!!
thanks so much,

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