Super Crappy Envato Search Frustrating!

Absolutely the worst search feature ever! Since when does BOWLING and BOWLING BALL return friggin bowls filled with food!!! SO FRUSTRATING!


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Hi @mikelchavez. Sorry to hear that! It’s definitely not intended behaviour - thanks for raising it.

Generally speaking, our search tries to help people by making sure things like spelling variations still return relevant results, instead of a blank page. In this case it’s obviously not helping though, as it’s delivering far too many results for just part of the actual search. Our developers are now looking into the issue.

Hi @mikelchavez,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’m happy to say that it’s fixed! A search for bowling now doesn’t contain any pictures of bowls.

As @BenLeong said, our search algorithm tries to help give you the best results it can, and part of this process is to reduce some word forms to simpler versions (think “cars” and “car”, “driving” and “drive”, etc.). Usually this reduction process works well, but there are times when it doesn’t. In this case “bowling” was incorrectly reduced to “bowl”, so we’ve fixed it and that’s no longer happening.

Please give it a try, and let us know if you experience any more problems with it.

Lead Developer, Envato

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