Search the track from the authors or just help!

Hello authors, Envato and buyers! Due to the fact that there are increasing cases of suggestions (find me a track and I will pay or buy your track as a sign of gratitude). So: I want to draw your attention to all the authors, Envato and buyers (because I have already encountered this second time), about that, all the messages, help, search for tracks, etc. We have always made(helping customers with their search for the lost tracks) and are absolutely free of charge (I repeat for buyers: for this you do not need to pay anything, donate, buy a track, etc.). Please do not put the authors in an awkward position in many ways (because it creates a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings to the author who found someone a track).
I don’t want anyone to think ambiguously (what i’m looking for tracks for buyer to get $10, I do not need it).
Previously, such misunderstandings were(randomly expressed or not by chance, I do not know) (not for me but for other authors), but it was already there for example here Please?! What song is this

Just to avoid such opinions in the future from the authors, and to bring clarity to this topic :slight_smile:

All work (search for tracks for buyers) on the Envato forum is free! Forum helps for free!
Thank you! :slight_smile:


Did you find the song? :slight_smile:

Hi @NEXUS-MGD. This topic is dedicated by and large to customers. In order to clarify some aspects.

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