I´m looking for the Autor

Hi, i’m looking for a specific track here at envato.
I can´t find it. Anyone can help me?

I just want to find a track to use for my registration.
I downloaded it from the website, but I can’t find the track on the website.

I’m looking for the author to have the license and registration of the track
The track is not mine.
I downloaded it from the envato website.

Where can i sent the track?

Please, someone can help me?

I downloaded it from the website, but I can’t find the track on the website

From what website? From AudioJungle?

Yes! Envato Audio jungle

Then you should have it under your account / Downloads

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if you downloaded it from audiojungle the track and artist name are already there

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I have the track … that I downloaded from the site
However, it has been renamed by me when i made the download and, for that reason, I cannot find the track on the website.

i´m gonna check out

Thank you

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can I listen?

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Yes, sure! How can I sent to you?

You don’t have a buyers badge and your account was created just this month. So try to log in into the account with which you’ve purchased that item and you will find it under Downloads.

I did not buy. I downloaded it for free. So, I decided to use it. And now, I want to buy to have the license and register.

So, I’m behind this track.

you have soundcloud?

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I created this account this month.
I don’t remember creating the account when I downloaded it free from the audiojungle website.

Yes I have a soundcloud. But I do not use it anymore.

Even if it was a free item of the month, you had to create an account to download it.

BW, have you checked the meta data of the track (ID3)?

That´s possible.

Meta data of the track (ID3) ?
No, I didn’t see.

How can I check this?


Any decent music player should be able to read it.

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I uploaded Audiojungle on the soundcloud to try to find it and should remove it as soon as I find it…

The first track called: Unknow - Envato - Track

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Maybe try uploading it to youtube - if the item is signed with content ID you might get notified and you’ll also see who the rights holder is, probably the same name as profile on AJ. A long shot but anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks @PhotonicMusic. I ill do what you said. It is very useful tip for me.thanks for sharing it.

Have you checked the history in the web browser? (safari,chrome, mozilla…)

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