Brilliant idea for customers who are looking for tracks on the forum.

Why is there no “alert” feature for all the authors in the account?

the client creates a thread in the forum “Looking For” looking for material. the moderator clicks the button and the notification is sent to the authors. Next, the authors come to this topic and see that looking at the client. this will greatly increase the recognition of the material.

Just make it possible to disable alerts for authors, if they do not want to be notified of the search.

Make it Envato.

Ok, but please do include the option to disable notifications, because I will be using that.

But seriously, a Shazam style audio wave recognition system would be super useful for buyers who can’t find a track- it must be a nightmare for them when there are so many tracks with identical names.

Here the client asks for help to find the track. But his track combined 2 tracks most likely. I’ve tried searching and almost went crazy…

If there is a notification, the authors will recognize their tracks. it can also be distributed to other sections of Envato.
This is the track looking.


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OMG!! you are a genius!!! yes! this is the one we’ve been looking for!!!
my boss is about to celebrate in the office!! Thank you very much!
and I am not sure how to get this song or is there any link that i can pay for this song?

I ain’t clickin’ nothin’.

But apart from that, it’s not a bad idea.

Hi @EvgenM. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by an alert system - could you elaborate?

We do have a Saved Searches tool for authors, though - if you have a keywords (popular item names, genres, etc) then you can set up a daily alert via private message, which will link you to forum threads where these are being mentioned.

See the link above for more information - I know we already have quite a few TF and CC authors who have saved searches for their top-selling item titles.


No. there’s nothing to thank me for. This idea should be implemented in technical form.

You send a notification to the portfolio of all authors if the forum appears important topic from “Envato”, I suggest to make a notification about what the client is looking for a file .

Example: the Client has created a topic where he says that he can’t find the audio file on his own, but he has a fragment of the song, he publishes it on the forum, then the moderator checks this topic and, if necessary, can send notifications about this topic to all the authors of “audiojungle” in the message will be a link to the topic.

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thank you for your reply!! So does it means we still can’t use this song unless we find the author?