Search page bugs

I get this when switching to grid view in the search (Safari 7.0.6 - OSX 10.9.5):


…not so great :sunglasses:

In Chrome (59.0.3071.115) it works better, but the new audio players are unable to scroll/skip.

Also, when clicking on the item icons, nothing happens :frowning:

It is clear why sales have dropped) :joy:

as you can see (if you look closely at the player on grid_items, in Chrome - as in Safari right now they totally have a bug) you can see that the players look a bit different than what they used to in the past say 7 years.

They’re working on new stuff, and if both the player (which is new) and the grid alignment don’t work properly
it means they’re working on a new feature.

Here the scroll/skip doesn’t work either, but this is totally recent as until yesterday, the old players work
(it seems they redesigned the graphics to them a bit)

…more on it…

they seem to totally redesigned (visual + coding too I think) both the list / grid players @ AudioJungle in search mode.

also, you can now play more items at the same time (I don’t think that’d be a permanent feature tho :slight_smile: )

good you noticed