New AudioJungle Player bug - Previous and Next arrows doesn't work


Hi, everybody!

The New Audio Jungle Player Dynamic Code Generator at Audiojungle player code generator at that allows an author to embed an AJ audio player on any website has a bug. In the past, with the old player, I was able to set it to a collection (.i.e. Collection Songs and Loops by Yio at and set the “limit track” to 1 and when it was embedded in my site (on the column at the right) it displayed one song of that collection and the “next” arrow changed the displayed item to the next song on that collection.

Now, with the new code generator, the “next” arrow (as the “previous” arrow does) remains the audio player in the same item instead of going to the next item (or previous item in case of the left arrow)

Maybe someone else found this bug too. In that case please send a ticket support with your problem.

All the best

Yio (Sergio Schnitzler)


The help office told me:
"…The player works as what the Developers have intended it to work. The ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons will work if you have set the ‘Limit Tracks’ to more than one track and it creates a playlist.
So if you only have to set the limit to just one, the player will treat it like the playlist is limited to one track and it would not play the next song because of the ‘limit’ number.
I’d be glad to help you further, but this is what the Developers have intended the player to work…“
And later:
”…Let me tag this ticket appropriately so that it can become a feedback for the audio player. That way, our developers can take a look into it. Although I do not guarantee that they will change it right away, but at least they will receive your feedback…"

So, more than a bug report we should give a feedback or suggest this feature for the AJ audio player.