Envato audiojungle having problems?

I seem to be having problems via microsoft Edge.

Not able to play any tracks at all (little icon keeps spinning/loading).
And i cant see analytics and edit my tracks at all.

All seems to work fine in google Chrome though.

Anyone else?


Edge is broken here as well

Though Opera and Chrome seems fine .

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When I use Chrome or Firefox on my older Mac, I am seeing the same behavior you describe (not able to play tracks or access analytics).

When I use Chrome on my Mac laptop running a more recent OS, everything works normally.

One other behavior to note with my older Chrome browser (as of 10am Mountain Time, US)… when I click the play button on the featured track on my profile page, it sends me to a blank black page to play the audio file in an audio player.

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Same over here with Edge and IE browser… Item edit NOT working, endless spinning wheel… NO Wave form display, NO licence change are working…!!! on iPhone works everything though… weird…! just wrote a ticket…

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Well Chrome Browser WORKS… but what about all the AJ clients using Edge or IE as a browser… they have the same issue and probably think AJ site is generally not working…???

BtwThe help support just answered…
saying they will report this to their devs now and link the forum post :+1: