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I am looking for a specific file that I downloaded and used in a project several months ago, but is no longer on my computer. And for some reason this particular file is not showing up in my downloaded items list. I know the name of the file, but Envato’s search function doesn’t seem to be able to find files that way.

It was called “”

There are thousands of smoke elements here, so it would really help if I could find it.


If you do not have the file on your computer, and it is not showing up on download items, then either you never bought it via the Envato platform, or the item was withdrawn. Normally on the properties of a file it will show you some details that might help you.

Always best to make backups :wink:

It doesn’t look like it’s Envato file. ( not from Marketplace at least )
Envato uses the item ID as the file name.

I have several other files that I definitely downloaded from Envato with names that are pretty much the same, but with different numbers (like “,” “,” etc.), so I’m pretty sure I got this one from Envato as well.

That is indeed the file name format used for downloads from Envato Elements. The timestamp in the file name is the date that the item was last updated, rather than the date on which you downloaded it. If this was a recent download, that could help narrow down the search, but it could have been updated since.

If you can tell me the length of the preview file (minutes:seconds) I might be able to track this down for you later today.

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I think I downloaded it in early February or late January. AfterEffects tells me that the file was 550 frames long.

Does it mention the frame rate by chance? :sweat_smile:

It should be 30 fps.

Hi @GushingDizzy,

It was a bit of a journey (I ended up automating the search with code, actually) but I believe I found your video. The frame count and file name both match perfectly:

Let me know if that’s not the one! :wink:

Oh fantastic! Thank you so much! Yep, that’s the one.

It was a situation where I was trying a bunch of different elements to see what would work, so I just left them in my downloads folder while auditioning them. When I settled on the one I could use, I forgot that it was in my downloads folder, and I eventually cleaned that out.

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Great! Glad I could help! :grin:

I completely understand the download situation – been there, done that at least a thousand times.