How to find the license of an item downloaded time ago!!

Please, let me know about this issue, I alredy posted here and tried to ask to assistance without any answers.
I downloaed a lot of assets and added a license to them.
Now I want to download a license for a specific video or music.
But in my downloads I have no way to search for a particular item in order to retrieve the related license!
How can I download a license if I can’t search in my downloads for a particular item???

You need to get the notes by yourself:

License XXX : Item-1 - Project 1
License XYZ : Item-2 - Project 2

You can’t simply search/find the details on Envato ( Elements )

It sounds like a joke.
I download a lot of footage, so basically it means I have to scroll page by page in my downloads section in order to find a music downloaded months ago, in order to be able to download the associated license (!?)

Correct. Or you can get a new license