Need help finding files on the site, have video Preview URLs

Hello All,

I made a long list of video stocks I wanted to download and joined the site. The URL I saved is for the preview. I need a way to find where the video is on the site. For example, I saved this URL:

Tried part of the URL like “1511661” to see if it would go to the file location / item for download in the Search bar, no luck. Creator name “envatousercontent” not pulling up either.

Please help. :heart:

Unfortunately the ID in the URL is for internal use only and can’t be used to find the original item. By chance, I happened to have this video in my database for a project, and was able to match it for you:

Feel free to send me a private message with the full list and I’ll see if I have them, but I can’t make any guarantees unfortunately.

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Thank you! It would help if people used a consistent naming format of something ^^’ Have a great day.

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