An item does not appear in my download history

I bought a song probably like 5 years ago and I can’t find the certificate. Is there a way I could access to a list of what I have bought at your website so I can prove the ownership (only downloads from 2 years ago appear in the download history). I am getting a copyright claim from YouTube and they are taking away the monetization from my videos. I will really appreciate your help.


There’s no reason why it shouldn’t show in your downloads - I had an item still showing from 2014 in mine, so are you sure you purchased the song through Envato?

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Yes, and I am checking my email I also bought a website template and a plugin in 2017 and they do not either. It only gives me the option to see what I bought last year and this one.

Are you sure it was this account?

Otherwise ask support

Envato Market Help and Support

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