Search bar is VERY poor.

I find the search option very underwhelming. You are unable to use complex searches.

For example: black car. This will return anything that has the keywords “black” and/or “car”. So you end up with black pens, red cars etc.

I have tried typical filters like “black car”; black AND car; black+car… and no success.

Another issue. Is that if you find a photo, and would like to try and filter for similar images of the same studio/photographer you are out of luck. It just doesnt work.

The keywording is becoming worst as well. If you filter by “isolated” hoping only to see images with neutral background, forget it. You will get a mix of everything. Probably there is no QA going on when images are been uploaded.

I like envato for the cost and amount of assets. But it’s becoming hard to justify keeping my subscription when I was so much time trying to find something.