Inefficient Search Refinement

I signed up for the Envato annual membership shortly after doing a quick 10-minute browse at the resources available. A lot of useful and creativity-boosting tools and resources to choose from. But for every Photoshop brush or texture you do a search for, you’re suggested page upon page of brushes, actions, graphics and whatever category that can be included to litter your search. It’s very very irritating.

I was going to address this a week after joining, but told myself to shut up and sift through the useless junk. But it’s getting obnoxious when you do a simple “Pencil Photoshop Brush” search and “Moroccan LUTS Presets”, “Cute Bubble Procreate Brushes” and “Fitness FX Actions” are deemed “related resources”.

Am I overlooking a search filter or setting like an idiot or do I just have to just sift through the useless junk like an 1800’s prospector looking for gold?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.