Script who will do some actions


If it is possible to create a script who will call by cronjob and this script will do like open a page, login to page, press button, fill out a form submit this and press another button and than download this file and upload it for example?


Yes this is possible with PHP and cURL. It’s rather advanced because you have to look at the network traffic from a normal user browser session and then re-implement that in PHP.

The script doesn’t “open a page” and “push a button” so to speak. It simply re-produces the network traffic that happens behind the scenes when a normal “push a button” action occurs.

You would have to hire a rather good PHP developer for this, with very clear instructions. Maybe a bunch of screenshots showing the current “browser” step by step you wish to automate. You’ll also have to provide the developer with the website and login details for whatever you wish to automate. There’s a few security considerations as well.

Check out the developers over on Envato Studio here:

Good luck!


hello, would it be possible to develop a tool who we can setup this and create a php file?
Like a editor? And into this we will setup all fields from html and so on?
Are you interested?