There Is A Script I Need But Don’t Know The Correct One

Hello everyone, please I want to purchase a php script, can someone identify the script for me?

That’s a custom-built website, in fact it’s even written in a different language than PHP. However, you can find a variety of similar scripts here:

Okay, Thanks for your response, which script is closer to the exact site? Also, do you think I can achieve it if I buy script and also customize it?

Because I want some features like AI Content Generator, keywords To that will show user the search volume and cpc and some awesome features.

You need to be cautious here:

  1. You are highly unlikely to be able to substitute a website with the functionality on this example using a sub $100 stock solution. At very least it is going to require some significant customization and further development.

  2. You really really need to understand how the back end of the script/site works so that you can make sure the information being provided (especially if you ever plan to charge for it) is accurate and/or could be adapted. Relying on a third-party author who could stop supporting the script at a moment is risky.

  3. Presumably if you are looking a to add features like AI content then you are an expert developer? Or is this going to be another off-the-shelf script being integrated? If so then you need to consider how that integrates with the existing functionality and how the functionality is connected

  4. With respect it sounds like you are trying to create something which should cost huge amounts of money using a pile of stock code put together which will never work.

There was another thread recently asking about how to create a clone to SEM Rush!! stock assets are great, especially if you have the skillset to evolve them. However, where projects should cost 10’s, hundred’s or in SEM Rush’s case - many millions of $ then it is important to be mindful to prevent making things more complicated for yourself.

Thank you for your response, I will go ahead and purchase the nearest similar script, then I can add my own functions to the already existing features on the script, I believe anything is achievable and I also have some coding knowledge. I am free to add anything if I already purchased script, right? I Wanna do so because I know my users demand.

You are but a couple of restrictions:

  1. you can’t add features then resell it on a marketplace like envato

  2. if you are planning to offer subscription or premium access to any of the website or data then you need to purchase the extended license and not just the regular one.

  1. My aim isn’t to build and resell but to serve my users.

  2. I don’t understand what you mean by extended license, can you through more light? I mean explain further.

When clicking buy on the item you can choose regular or extended license Licenses | CodeCanyon

If you are just giving access to the site for free and not charging any kind of fee or subscription then regular is enough.

But, if you plan to charge people to record info, see any of the data on the website or access exclusive areas then that is more than one end use (because you are monetising the site multiple times) and requires the extended license

Well, I am not charging for anything on it, even if I want create such, I can simply do so via new menu on my domain. If you don’t mind, I would like to know if there is any restrictions on the script because I am about to purchase one of the seo tools script.