Food ordering script


I’ve got a client who has a pizza chain restaurant (think Domino’s). The request is to get an application similar like uber eats/doordash.

It should have a main website for front-end ordering and restaurant info and an app for iOS/Android

Are there any scripts here on Envato that already offer this?

You would need to look through these files and see if there’s one that has it all

However, it would be terrifyingly naive and irresponsible to for anyone to think that a 50 script can provide even the start to a serious or realistic solution to something like this (bear in mind that your examples are multi-million web apps) for a credible business.

A few considerations (literally just a starting point)…

  • whatever file/script/app you find is going to need to be customised to purpose. That requires Knowle of multiple different technologies.

  • the (specialist) maintenance of different app format and a web version is significant (most likely multiple amends a month) and requires knowledge of the full set of apps.

  • an item may have an IOS ready or android app version, that does not mean it is going to be approved in the app stores, without more development which it would not be the responsibility of the author to deliver

  • if your client realistically wants to handle that level of customer data across multiple entry points then they’re going to need to be willing to invest hundreds of $ a month on proper security, hosting etc. let alone the maintenance costs

  • If you cannot build these solutions, then how can you support them?

There are thousands of off the shelf and purpose built platforms and apps out there for this kind of thing (just Google it). The more credible ones of these would offer better features, managed tech, secure hosting, longer term support etc.

Thank you for your reply. I am aware that this will not be a $50 out of the box script. I am a developer myself with knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and the necessary frameworks like Laravel and CMS systems like Wordpress etc etc.

The thing is, of course, client budget is not that much (as per usual) but I can make some things happen and am more looking for something that comes with the base functionality. That said, I am aware that this isn’t a ‘small’ thing to realize and would take a lot to make it happen and the costs could go into $x,xxx and upkeep p/m.

Even if there is a web application out there that fit the needs we would need to create the iOS/Android app.

I am looking around the 'ol internet to see if there are any good web apps, that are pretty well established with good ratings (support) to get us going.