i want full online food ordering system

can you help me to create a full food ordering system, and suggest who can do it for me
requirements: user app for both android and ios, order taking from the website (frontend), backend, order taking app for restaurant and system supports multiple restaurants

You can hire a freelancer from studio.envato.com to get your goal. Cheers. :slight_smile:

could you choose someone

To be clear:

  • 2 x mobile apps (android and IOS) - I assume to place/track/pay for food orders

  • Website with integrated ordering

  • what does “order taking app for restaurant” mean? Like stock ordering? Custom per restaurant website?

So basically you need like Just Eat?

Have you got a sensible budget for all this?

900-1000 USD
*just like uber eats, zomato
*apps=user app,order taking app ,delivery boy app for android, coming to ios user app for now, totally 4 apps
*the system needs supports multiple restaurants

  • location based working

With respect of you are missing several 00’s to even get close to something that achieves that request list to a decent standard.

That’s just the build and not considering the complex data management, security, payment, hosting etc that you would need to consider which will be a huge cost

you just need to develop and design only i can host on my servers

While I am still not sure you fully understand the backend and business considerations in running a service like that properly, I would suggest you look at something like one of these https://codecanyon.net/search/food%20ordering because a custom job (done properly) will be tens of thousands of $

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i need working apps,backend and website with source code for food ordering system. i can host on my server i will upload all the apps in respected stores

Seconded. Better check out something pre made at least to get you started and when you have a good profit, you can always get something custom done!