I need to know what script used for this web application


I need to know what script these guys (icopify.co) are using to build this platform. I need to develop the same platform. Kindly help me figure out the script name and if anyone can help create something similar.


Never seen a stock script with this purpose.

You could potentially build it based on some kind of service provider or directory type script but you will probably find it less of a hassle to purpose build a solution than try to make-shift or hack something.

There’s also quite a few extended services there beyond the guest posts like link building etc so you need to consider how close you want it to be as each service will add complexity.

There’s also some significant initial and ongoing investment neeed into the payment/profiles/data/back-end/security requirement.

You could look for someone to help on www.studio.envato.com which would give you official protection but you need to sense check any providers experience and have a realistic budget to create something like this. Cutting corners when you are talking about this volume of providers and payments is very dangerous.

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